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to help grow your business to big We create expectations in the consumer attention center through different topologies for B2C and B2B platforms.

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Imagine Big - Web Development

Agile development platforms

We adapt different technologies for B2C or B2B applications and developments that manage clients in high demand. Our control panel in our developments allows a friendly use for our clients.

Build your solutions on strong, robust, and scalable architectures using programming languages such as Javascript, Kotlin, Node.js, Python.

Scale faster, develop more efficiently, and focus on your core business with cloud computing such as AWS, Google Cloud and Firebase.

Perform migrations quickly, easily access your data. Using MySQL, Postgres; MongoDB, DynamoDB, Firestore, ElasticSearch and Redis.

Make end-to-end ownership of applications the norm and reduce time to market using tools such as Docker, Kubernetes, Jenkins, Github, Bitbucket, JIRA and Slack.

Get a pixel perfect, responsive design guaranteeing a pleasant user experience using HTML, CSS/SASS, Material Design, JavaScript, React, Redux, Angular, RxJs.

Create amazing cross-platform apps, with hybrid and native technologies such as Objective C and Swift for iOS, Java and Kotlin for Android, Flutter and React Native for both platforms.
We viralize on these platforms.

TRENDING , Viralization Solution We know about viralization

Viralization is when a unit of information (audio or video) acquires a character of massive knowledge through a computer process of diffusion.

Our TRENDING solution is based on mapping the scenario of possibilities that exist through different mass communication channels. It includes:

  • Organization of information.
  • Activation of the brand's social networks.
  • Creation of the traffic strategy to be achieved.
  • Social Hub 2.0 with live Twitterers.
  • Traffic on Twitter, Youtube, TikTok, Instagram, Facebook
  • Posting speed to create a trending topic.
Marketing Digital

We know what a customer means to you

Our AceleraClick! solution is the most complete digital transformation program for your business. Committed to your sales, we scale your brand, make it shine and grow your online reputation.

  • Editorial: we elaborate the wording of each word and paragraph.
  • Content Social Manager: we elaborate the strategy of action.
  • Art: DaVinci style, we fly to create art for your brand.
  • Design: we design in all formats for social platforms
  • Video Editing: we create content for all social networks
  • Posting: we create the brand's social plan and execute the actions
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Our Stack

We use Stack MERN

We carry out your project with the latest generation technologies

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Frequently Asked Question

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We have different software factory solutions and digital marketing development, we present you an implementation plan and based on the expectation

We have AceleraClick! an acceleration program in Digital Communication and Online marketing to create sales opportunities,

We have a content viralization solution. Trending, positions the product through a computerized process with information flow.

Through our first meeting via Meet, we define aspects to carry out the project and then we implement a plan in 6 steps:
  • .1 We define the purpose of the application
  • .2 Design the user interface
  • .3 We choose the platform: Android, iOS or web
  • .4 We develop
  • .5 We test the application, in test mode.
  • .6 We launch the application, positioning it in the market.

Our recommendation is always a minimum of 3 months to create an ecosystem of information and digital programming for the outlined project to come to life and see results in the brand.
Our service agreement includes an action plan with a 6-month agreement, which can be renewed.