about company
    IMAGINEBiG® is a development agency and software factory that puts your brand at the center of consumers' attention.

  • Our MISSION:
    To provide high quality, customized technology solutions to help our clients achieve their business objectives and improve their competitiveness in the marketplace.

  • Our VISION:
    To be a leading organization in the industry, recognized for excellence, innovation and customer focus; with a collaborative work culture that allows us to continuously improve the quality of our products and services.

Our values

We create differentiated value to rise to the
top in this field

  • Excellence
    We offer high quality products and services,
    through continuous improvement and innovation.
  • Customer orientation
    We work with a customer-centric approach and
    ensure that our customers' needs are met.
  • Teamwork
    We opt for a collaborative and complex process,
    with the cooperation of all members of the company.
  • Transparency
    We are honest and ethical in all interactions and transactions.
  • Innovation
    We like to innovate, keeping abreast of the latest technological trends
    , in order to offer advanced technological solutions to our clients.
  • Social responsibility
    Customer support is always our number one priority.
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Our Team

Comunity manager
Gaspar Muñoz
Project Manager
Carla Guzman
Comunity manager
Santiago Bonetto
Full Stack Web developer
Ana Actis
Seller & Customer Support
Marko Schneider
Full Stack Web developer
Diana Montserrat Genes
Eder Roman Centurion